SJ06a Duratec – Second hand




o Rolling chassis complete.

o Motec SDL dash and car loom

o Gearbox ( 10:31 ) Light weighted and Blueprinted

o Bell House

o Light weight bodywork

o Stainless steel floor pan

o Aero cockpit covers, head support safety system and belts

o One standard front / rear bar with car

o 'D' shaped steering wheel

o Performance wheels on car with a spare set

o Extinguisher in car

o Twin shock set-up with two way Koni shocks

o Braided oil and fuel lines

o Mygale Australia side pod exhaust

o Factory set-up and technical manual

o 2010 aero rear cover

o 2010 airbox

o 2010 lifting kit

o Six point harness

o Tested and tagged fire extinguisher as required

o Line locker and brake sensor


Available with engine if required

For all sale inquiries – contact Greg Woodrow at Mygale – 0419 665 807