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Exclusive GT3 Porsche Test Available

Exclusive GT3 Porsche Test Available

A very special opportunity for suitably qualified drivers is currently available from Race Academy / Mygale to complete a full days testing in our race prepared Porsche.  The 997 GT3 Porsche Cup Car is an absolute dream to drive with a six speed sequential gearbox, full Motec data and Video capabilities, and has...

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Mygale Submit Indy Lights Bid

1117169 article img large1Interest in the new 2014 Firestone Indy Lights Series car continues to build as IndyCar/Indy Lights team owners Bryan Herta and Steve Newey have entered the fray.

Through their Bryan Hera Autosport outfit, the partners have served as the American importer for the popular French Mygale chassis (pronounced ‘Mee-Gal’), and hope to turn the Formula F, F2000 and Formula 3 constructor into chassis of choice for the Lights series.

“The Indy Lights proposal from us is really an extension of our recent formation of Mygale America; we’re the North American importer and distributor for all of Mygale racing cars,” Newey told SPEED.com. “We kick that off with the F1600 Mygale Honda that we’re racing this year. We've also established a great partnership with Bertrand Decoster, the CEO of Mygale France. 

Compared to names like Dallara, Lola and Swift, Mygale isn’t exactly a household name for open-wheel fans in the United States, but as Newey points out, the constructor is highly respected among those who make cars for the junior categories. 

“Mygale is not well-known on a global basis as some of the other contenders,” he explained, “but probably the unknown was they were the provider of all the Formula BMW cars when Formula BMW USA was one of the primary junior series before it was disbanded in the U.S. two or three years ago. They designed and built over 200 of those cars, which is a full carbon fiber monocoque.

“They’ve obviously been at the leading edge of the Formula 1600 and Formula 2000 global competition, especially in Europe and Australia as well. And they also have a Formula 3 car, which they built over 18 of those cars that are competing in the Italian Formula 3 Championship. So it's a very competitive car. And that's one of the few series that I'm aware of that actually have open chassis competition, most of the other open-wheel series in the world today have spec chassis requirements.”

As current Indy Lights team owners, Herta and Newey bring a deep understanding of budgets and costs that few—if any—of the other potential chassis suppliers can rival. With the current Dallara Indy Lights chassis coming in right at $200,000, Bryan Herta Autosport and Mygale have secured government support to keep its new-car cost to almost the same price owners are paying today.

“We're obviously very sensitive to the needs of the owners that are currently in the Indy Lights series,” Newey continued. “We do have kind of an insider’s perspective on the financial issues that each team faces in the series. I think that's one thing that we’re very, very proactive and want to maintain that price point so we can get as many cars on the grid as we possibly can.

“And I think that is our primary goal, to put together a very cost-effective package. We are fortunate to be able to provide a cost-effective, turnkey solution and based on the fact that the French government does support the project.”

Provided its chassis is selected, Newey says it will use an array of domestic and international talent to produce a final product.

“We do plan to do a significant amount of manufacturing in the United States, once the prototypes are built and developed," he explained. "The project is going to be carried out with a variety of different European suppliers to begin with. And primarily on the carbon fiber side, in terms of the monocoque and the crash structures that are going to be required to be homologated.” 

“Once we get the prototypes built, we plan to build in France and potentially test it at Magny Cours for a few days before they come over here. Once they’re Stateside we’ll obviously establish a headquarters in Indianapolis and hire the appropriate number of people to support the project and create a support staff with the Indianapolis headquarters with a significant amount of manufacturing to be conducted in the City of Indianapolis.” 

Newey also said the Mygale Indy Lights chassis would benefit from input and development by Toyota’s ex-Formula One group.

“The design will include a significant amount of aerodynamic development done by the Toyota Formula One facility in Cologne Germany,” he confirmed. “We plan to do a significant amount of CFD work and their chief aerodynamicist will conduct a full rolling road test program. And then once the concept is proven, continue to develop the aerodynamics. We will then bring in current Indy Lights engineering support that is very knowledgeable in terms of what the requirements are of the car. That will be a natural contribution that our team will make to the design of the car. In addition to some of the technology that's obviously very current, open-wheel technology in Europe, in terms of FIA crash specifications. There’ll all be to the latest FIA specs.

Beyond supplying the Indy Lights series with its cars, Newey also hopes to use the 2014 car to engage the next generation of racing designers and engineers at the college level.

“One of the things that we hope to be able to contribute to is the activation, the promotion of the series and what we have in consideration now is the donation of the intellectual property rights to the car to universities that can basically provide their students with a real-time automotive development laboratory – and they can use this tool to recruit new engineering students. They can build it and develop it as they see fit. That’s important to us because we need to also develop the next crop of young people to staff the series. 

“We’re trying to make racing cool and trying to provide an educational component to this program that hopefully will create new fans for the series and basically get the Indy Lights series out there where it needs to be and support series to become what we all hope it will be in the near future.”

Source: SpeedTV.com

LeBrocq makes winning debut in Aus GT

976537 450631135026103 471284648 oMygale's reigning Australian Formula Ford Champion and current Formula 3 pilot Jack LeBrocq has completed a perfect weekend in his Australian GT debut at Phillip Island last weekend.

Coming into the Phillip Island round of the Australian GT Championship, the new Erebus Motorsport recruit was somewhat flying ‘under the radar’, the 20-year old an unknown quantity in amongst the series regulars. He had big shoes to fill too, sitting in a seat formerly occupied by such names as Christian Klien, Craig Baird, Bernd Schneider, Maro Engel and Tim Slade.

By the close of the two-race program though, everyone knew exactly what the reigning Australian Formula Ford champion was capable of, the young Victorian smashing both the qualifying and race lap records by more than three-seconds, on the way to two dominant race victories.

Whilst GT teams around the world will now have the name Le Brocq on their radars, Jack was typically relaxed about the result, his post race comment perhaps summing up the gravity of the situation for him after such an impressive debut.. “That was pretty good..”

Say no more..

Former V8 Supercar champion and Bathurst 1000 winner John Bowe however had a little more to say about Le Brocq’s drive having been in the box seat for the Mercedes’ pilot’s ‘master class’ during race one.

“This kid is as good as any of the imports [drivers] Erebus put in the car last year,” Bowe admitted after the opening race. “He’s the complete package, no question, I was very impressed.”

Having established an arrangement to progress Le Brocq through from the Formula 3 program to the GT program, the Erebus team went to Winton Motor Raceway to ensure Jack was comfortable in the car, the Erebus Academy recruit quickly impressing the team by running the SLS AMG well within reach of the GT lap record.

From opening practice at Phillip Island it was clear he would be a contender for the race victory, although until qualifying, nobody really knew by how much.

The benchmark lap time was always going to be in jeopardy after the Phillip Island circuit was resealed in late 2012, with talk that it had improved the pace of the circuit by up to a second and a half per lap.

It meant little to Jack though as he focused on establishing the benchmark time for the opening one-hour race, in the process shattering the established mark set by Maro Engel in September 2012 (1:29.6148) to claim pole position, resetting the bar to 1:26.5248.

With John Bowe alongside in the Ferrari for the rolling start, Jack controlled the field, charging away at the line with Bowe in close pursuit. A steady cautious start - a hallmark of his approach since first stepping under the ‘gullwing’ for his first lap in the SLS AMG - to allow the tyres to come up to temperature and pressure, allowed Bowe to stick with the Mercedes early, but Jack was soon up to speed, establishing a 20-second lead by the time he made his compulsory mid-race pit stop.

By virtue of his status as a professional driver, he was faced with a nine-second longer stop than Bowe, and an 18-second longer stop than Tony Quinn (Aston Martin), however he was able to rejoin in the lead, using his race fitness to power away to a commanding 35-second victory, with Tony Quinn second and Lamborghini’s Roger Lago third.

“It was pretty good,” Le Brocq grinned post-race, oblivious to his complete domination of the race. “It was a bit dicey to start with under a full 100+ litre fuel load and low tyre pressures, but once the tyres were at temperature, it was pretty comfortable.”

Adding to his seemingly effortless victory, Jack also managed to demolish the established race lap record set last September by experienced international GT campaigner Allan Simonsen (1:31.2837), resetting the benchmark to 1:27.5008, three laps from home.

Race two saw an almost carbon-copy of race one, with Jack again charging away from the field after a cautious start, he was again up by more than 20-seconds at the time of his pit stop, and this time powered away to a 42-second win over Tony Quinn and reigning champion Klark Quinn, again lowering the lap record - this time to 1:27.1505.


Race Academy aims to help up-and-coming talent rise to the top

RA3When it comes to building a career in motor racing Greg Woodrow knows more than most. As a champion Karter and Formula Ford driver and now as the importer of Mygale's race-winning Formula Ford and Formula 3 cars he's seen many a talented driver come and go.

And he has personally experienced many of the ups-and-downs that can go with a lifetime involved in motorsport.

Now, in an effort to help young drivers move from Karting into circuit racing, and to help them avoid many of the pitfalls that have befallen plenty of talented drivers in the past, Woodrow and his team have launched Race Academy.

Race Academy will consist of a series of inexpensive, one-day seminars around the country that will aim to educate drivers moving from Karting into circuit racing, and to dispel a lot of the rumours that exist around the move into cars.

Woodrow has been involved in the formative years of many of these driver's careers so he knows how some have struggled through different stages of their developmental years. Race Academy's aim is to help drivers progress through the ranks in an effort to reach the pinnacle of motorsport in Australia and beyond.

"The FIA, CAMS and the AMSF are doing an amazing job of building a pathway for our young drivers, but the drivers need to be aware of the opportunities," said Woodrow.

"We've been around long enough to know that Formula Ford is one of the most important steps in any drivers career," Woodrow said.

"Too many people out there don't have all the facts they need to make an informed, calculated decision on whether they can make the move into Formula Ford and beyond.

"We can categorically say that it is nowhere near as restrictive as some people out there would have you believe - so why not come along, learn about it first-hand and avoid the wealth of bad information out there being sprouted by people who don't have all the information.

"For years my organisation has been all about developing the next generation of motor racing champions and we're really proud to be able to launch Race Academy and to make the transition from karts to cars a little easier for those who are serious about making a career from the sport," he said.

For more information call (03) 9580 4882 or visit www.raceacademy.com.au

Mygale FIA Formula 4 makes world debut at AGP

x27jwThe brand new FIA Formula 4 cahssis from Mygale has made it's worldwide debut at the Australian Grand Prix. The F4, specially shipped from France for the occasion was be driven by the Australian V8 Supercars driver Karl Reindler on a lap around the Albert Park track. It's the first time a Formula 4 FIA car has been displayed to the public ahead of it's Australian debut in 2015. The aim of the demonstration was to show the clear pathway from Karting to Formula 1 that a driver should follow in the future.

Formula 4 is a brand new concept created to enhance the single-seater industry by the FIA itself and Jean Todt. The first step was to establish standard regulations for all the federations throughout the world. The idea behind the concept being to bridge the gap between Karting and Formula 3, the car had to be efficient, reliable, and should promote reduced maintenance costs and increased service intervals.

Reindler said "It's a fantastic little car, affordable to run and mantain, and the perfect step for a 15-18 years old pilot coming out of kart to the next level - and beyond."

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport is the first federation to launch a 2015 Formula 4 FIA Championship, and they decided to rely on the French Formula manufacturer Mygale to build the 25 cars they need for next year.

Mygale, recognized throughout the world for its high level of expertise in single-seaters worked with seven companies from the Pole de la Performance de Nevers Magny-Cours to create this new highly-performing racing car.

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